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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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president newlin: ok. is that a motion? >> i love to grant the permit. >> i will second. i will say what audrey said. since we went over there when i first started a year ago today, when i joined the commission, live music would be very helpful on broadway. what i was asking about this today, if it is live music, that would be a great addition to broadway and working with both of you has always been very pleasurable. so i wish you good luck and i will give a second. [roll call vote] >> good luck. >> are you crying, really?
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>> item seven. this has been a tearful meeting. tears of joy. item 7, commissioner comments and questions. are there any? >> i would like to comment, a quick update about a sub committee for the task force we had pulled together in february and march. we did hold two meetings, we intended on holding three. for anyone that is paying attention to planning is, the western soma plan released its er and comments were due yesterday. we were trying to pull together the group began to see if we can formally comment as a subcommittee or even pass that along to the full commission. the meetings, we had could turn out the first meeting.
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we talked about housing, entertainment, the buffer zones that around -- or around the housing and we talked about transportation and the need for entertainment along routes of public transit. unfortunately, we could not formalize any recommendations and it is too late for the eir. i would like to dissolve the committee for the time being. i think we will have an opportunity when the actual plan goes up to the planning commission to kind of regroup and it was good to hear, watching the hearing that the planning commission had on it and tons of folks came out from the entertainment community and the businesses along 11th street to voice their concerns. i would like to continue their relationships we've built with the folks on 11th street but dissolve the committee at this time and where needed, reconvene
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once the planning commission does hear it again. that is right to be an opportunity to formally make a statement as a commission. that is my comment. i do not know if that is an action item or how that works. >> the president forms and dissolves committees. you are making a request, i imagine, for the president to do so. president newlin: ok. the president approves the dissolutionment. >> anybody else? >> i have a question to that. you are dissolving, it is dissolved for that time. never to convene. we had two meetings and that is it, or -- >> it was good to have a staff member from the planning department come out to clarify things.
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what i am proposing is let's dissolved it for now and when it comes back -- when it is agendaized and th -- part of the planning commission's process, we will get a notice and put this around whatever recommendations you want to make. does that make sense? it is dissolved for now. and reconvened later as needed. president newlin: ok. item #8, new business requests for future agenda items. i had a couple. i would like to hear about the lgbt historical district or leather historical district as it involves a lot of entertainment. i thought it would be great to have a presentation. since it involves so much entertainment it would be good to hear what they have in mind
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for that. with more information coming out about how to better modify sound, i was wondering if there was any way we could talk about preserving an outdoor patio is and making sound, talk about sound on outdoor patios. even if there are ways to return it without destroying the neighbors since we do live in a city that has patio's -- patios. i am wondering if we cannot revisit some of that or at least hear about mitigation. the sisters of perpetual indulgence run the pink saturday, and they are and not for profit who have been running a major, major event. i know for fact they often feel that they cannot be heard and a
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now we do offer sound permits but i think it would -- i know we do offer sound permits but i think it would be interesting hearing the issues they have running this event. to see if there is not some way we can direct them to get better responses from the city. it is an outdoor event and we do have a hand in that. i just feel that they're being asked to do whole lot and not -- they do not feel they're getting quite the help they need. so maybe if we could hear from them around that. president newlin: ok. what i would recommend on that item is they submit something in writing to the commission so we have an idea that we're not just carry them, we have it ahead of time so there might be prepared response to their specific issues. we do not want to waste their time coming in here and having a list of grievances that we're hearing for the first time. with that --
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>> could you tell me who in the leather community is dealing with this historic district? >> i do not believe it is in the leather community. from the planning commission or from the planning department, there was paul lord and jim meko was the other name. commissioner joseph: anybody from the greater leather community that has been talk to about anything? i have heard nothing about that community being approached for its ideas and its historical value. >> that is not necessarily the group that has been outreached to. i got a copy and i want to bring
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it for everyone here so we could have a look at it before we would hear anything about it. to my knowledge, it is an idea and christina olague and a couple of people are looking for ways to create this without legally in our city. a lot of the weather community has not been -- leather community has not been outreached. commissioner joseph: who would speak to that? >> the people who were to that. -- wrote to that. president newlin: this is a recommendation of new items. commissioner hyde: -- this has been brought up to me. president newlin: we will coordinate with staff. we had the sound guy earlier.
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we should have ran it by him. we could have had him for free. ok. if there is nothing else, we will conclude today, august 7 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you, everyone for coming and participating. >> i am the director of community affairs. it is a great pleasure to introduce mr. john martin. >> thank you all for being here. [applause]
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thank you for being here for the opening of the marine response emergency facility. i want to begin by introducing several dignitaries. the first is commission vice president mike hardeman. thank you. and commissioner steve nakaja. and i want to introduce our police department deputy chief at the airport, the guy in charge. david chen is here. from the adjacent coast guard facility, the commander. and we have staff members from our congressional delegation. we have staff members from senator feinstein's office, nancy pelosi's office, and others. thank you for joining us today.
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[applause] throughout our history, safety and security has always been our priority. safety and security of our passengers, and safety of our employees. we are building on that commitment by commissioning what is the first fire rescue boat house facility on the west coast of the united states. more simply -- [airplane noise] we are at an airport. this is the first marine emergency response facility on the west coast. more simply, we can call it the first fireboat house at an airport. it is a core value for the airport team that we have worked together to provide an exceptional airport, that we are innovating, and that we work in
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partnership. this is a partnership between the fire department and the airport. great project work by airport staff and the division of design and construction, who designed this building. the engineering staff support to the work. the architectural team and the design and construction staff -- i would like to recognize all the staff involved in the successful project. [applause] completed on budget, and one month ahead of schedule. we have an outstanding fire department staff at the airport. i believe we have one of the most recognized fire department staffs of any major airport in the u.s. the airport is committed to making sure staff has the latest and greatest technology and equipment to support their operation. the team is led by deputy chief mike morris, assisted by ed
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dale. we thank them for their great work. [applause] it is my great pleasure to introduce major -- mayor ed lee to say a few words. >> thank you. i know that word leaked out i will be on an america's cup catamaran next week. i am sure this facility was identified as the very first fear reducer for me to be on the water. let me express my pleasure to be here with director john martin and his wonderful staff, with his airport commissioners that are here today, along with the chief and the chaplain, also here to give blessing to this wonderful facility. the chief, of course, is working closely with us. they have both upped their
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willingness and collaboration to work together on this very important facility. this facility is something i point to as the new merf -- the marine emergency response facility. the airport can provide an extra level of safety for not only passengers, but for anybody that is in the bay near the airport. this facility, and equipment introduced today, will reduce the response time from what today is averaging around 25 minutes to get rescue equipment out into the boehner by --- bay nearby to something under five minutes. that is lifesaving. this is representative of every time i have come out to the airport. whether it is a new international terminal that,
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under the leadership of john martin, was done, the new terminal two, the new traffic control towers about to be constructed, to a facility that is an extremely important collaboration, not only with the fire department, but also in strong collaboration with our cost card. this is essential -- with our coast guard. this is essential. this is why we have the infrastructure commitment that i have been talking about ever since i started working for the city. i have had the pleasure of working with john. his expertise and his team out here, retired as well as current, have made a strong commitment to make sure we have the modern facilities to take care of us. guess what? on the eve of america's cup, there is renewed use of our
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waterways for recreation, but also increase ferry services going on because of all the alternative traffic use we have to have. it is part of our airport operation, because our airport is on the water. we are having a record number of airplanes landing. we must modernize our facilities for the future use. that is why i love the airport. it is always looking out for the next generation effort, making sure the infrastructure can respond to that. i also enjoy the fact that it is working with our fire department to really house the equipment we have to use. whether it is the mou spoke -- moose boat -- i love that name, because it was a nickname for me. from that to the ski jets,
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asking whether there is room in the back for my golf clubs -- i need a faster way to get to monterey bay. all kidding aside, we have another facility that demonstrates our investment in infrastructure. it is on time. in fact, it is ahead of time and well within budget. the source of the money comes from the airlines, who are committed to making sure the have an operation that is always safe, always ready, with anything that could happen. of course, we have father green to make sure things do not happen. but it is a collaboration of people that are experts in emergency response. i want to say again we are ready for anything that occurs. but today, it is about thinking the designers that worked for
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the city, the airport staff, dpw, and the consultants, who have designed something that looks simple, but houses all of the things we need to do, to manage an incident that we hope never happens. but we will train and be ready. we are going to communicate, collaborate, and practice on the water, around the airport, and with the staff. when we do, we will be that much more ready for any incident that could unfortunately happen. i want to thank everybody who has been involved. certainly, it demonstrates the airport commission, the fire commission -- their commitment in laying out the future. obviously, the leadership, with their duties and forward- thinking views on what it takes to make sure this will happen
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for generations. it is a new facility that is very unique to the west coast. you will not have seen this until today. any facility along the west coast will take care of this problem. it will assure all of our federal and regional partners that we can take care of our bay, and take care of anything that will happen. i enjoy this on so many fronts, to see how our city is comparing for emergencies. that is what city should do. that is what airport should do. that is what fire departments should do as well. it is not just responding to an emergency. it is anticipating and preparing for the future. kudos to everybody on the family theme. i look forward to seeing this practice have been on a frequent basis, as we get ready for anything that could happen. thank you for your leadership.
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>> i am most grateful to the fire chief for her partnership with the airport. we have an outstanding fire rescue operation here. it is now my great pleasure to recognize and introduce her. [applause] >> thank you. good morning. thanks for being here. after our remarks, we would love for you to look around this beautiful facility. john martin is truly a partner. he acknowledged his priority regarding excellent equipment, training, and infrastructure. but he sort of downplayed that. he has been, like our mayor, a huge champion of public safety. it is an honor to stand with both of you today, evidenced by this facility, which will add to an already top of the line fire
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department facility at the airport. what you see here will enhance our ability to respond to water- related emergencies that much quicker. it is cutting edge, just like everything provided by the airport. the san francisco fire department operates three stations here. we are solely responsible for emergency incidents in and around the airport. many of the members of the san francisco fire department assigned to the airport are here today. i thank you for your dedication and professionalism. there are a lot of people think. we are very proud to be standing here today and cutting the ribbon. it will be a facility that we will use often. hopefully primarily for training, but we will be ready and anticipate any water-related emergencies.
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this will assist us in getting to the scene, assisting our partners in the coast guard more readily. i would also like to acknowledge it architects, engineers, and builders of this fund facility. we have a five member commission. all of them have supported our efforts not only in the city, but at the international airport. thank you for being here. also, with our partners in the police department. thank you so much. we worked as a team here at the airport, with all of the members of the airport. team worked in the arena of public safety is essential. it is no different down here. we appreciate the partnership and the cooperation and support we get from the international airport. this is a huge illustration of that support. we enjoy a wonderful equipment, state of the art equipment for the airport, and i cannot thank
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you enough for that. i believe we will be giving tours. we will answer plenty of questions about the moose boat. it is about a 20 minute response to this area from the point. now we will have it with other marine equipment and vessels, and we will be able to get to where we need to much sooner. i saw mayor lee looking very closely at those jet skis. we call them personal watercraft. we will make sure we get a life vest on you. john martin is an expert swimmer. in case of emergency, we can send john in. thank you very much. we appreciate you coming out. we will be prepared for any emergency, and it is an honor to serve. among to acknowledge my team. i am here with my deputy chief of operations, and deputy chief mike morris, who oversees the
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airport division. he is capably assisted by our fire department chaplain, who i believe is going to bless this facility and start us off on the right foot. thank you, and have a good afternoon. >> it is my pleasure to introduce the fire department chaplain, john green. [applause] >> the real reason i was invited to date is because we are going to have a second collection to help pay for this facility. [laughter] it is a great honor to be here. this is a long-time dream that has finally been realized for the san francisco fire department here at the airport. we are grateful to all who dreamed the dream and who worked so hard to bring it about, and all who planned to build this facility. it is traditional, especially in the maritime tradition, to
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dedicate or to launch a new facility. we just thank god for the gift of all the men and women who serve at the airport and are in public safety. we thank them for the many ways they have put their own lives on the line for the safety of others. we ask god to bless this building, which is the realization of a dream. to bless those who operate all of the watercraft stationed here. we ask you to give us all, and especially our country, the gift of peace. amen. thank you. [laughter] [applause] >> again, thank you all for being here. thank you all for making this project a reality, and your continuing commitment to making this unexceptional airport. we will all be available for questions. stick around for the tour.
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>> lockdown here and take a look at the ski jets. >> sure.
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>> it was an exciting event for those who wanted some long needed improvements. >> they saw it and they took care of it. >> the project is expected to open in spring, 2013. for more on the playground, includ
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